IG LIVE Checkout for @pequitas_4242

IG LIVE Checkout for @pequitas_4242

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 ** Still adding to box - Will check out after 5/11 * START OPEN BOX :)

Shungite & Pyrite Tower - $60Z

Grey/Lithium Quartz Piece - $80F

Ocean Jasper Tower - $30N

Fluorite Heart - $28Y

Rose Quartz Freeform - 45Q

Garden Quartz Lense - $32C

Clear Quartz with Black Tourmaline DT - $9K

Aura Clusters - $34T , $7A, $7B

Flower Agate Sphere Add On - $5

Shipping - FREE <3 Thank you for choosing to support my small business, Erica! So happy to have bumped into you during Mark's LIVE :)