About Peace of Nature

About Peace of Nature

Peace of Nature was founded by Heather Thomas in 2020 with the intention of offering quality jewelry with purpose, encouraging customers and visitors to pursue their passions and find their peace. Each piece is lovingly crafted with ethically sourced stones, while focusing on the healing effects they offer to the wearer. 


Heather’s journey began with an apprenticeship in creating unique jewelry pieces with seashells that she would find along the beautiful coastline of Pensacola Beach during her sunrise walks. During the 2020 period, Heather’s supporters requested custom pieces to be designed with crystals, and that awakened her desire to learn about the healing benefits of the crystals she was designing within her creations. Since that activation, Heather experienced the transformational shifts occurring in her life that led her to the path of yoga. 


Heather began her yoga practice in the beginning of 2022, and by September enrolled in yoga teacher training. While she enrolled in this training with hopes of studying the poses (asanas), she found the training supportive during the passing of her father and other life events that took place before graduation in March of 2023. She was showing up differently for herself, and embracing her passions whole-heartedly.


Heather’s yoga teaching style is intuitive, comforting, and easeful with an intimate connection to nature. Heather weaves the practice of yoga seamlessly with her knowledge of crystal energies and essential oils. She guides her students to enhance their practice with the elements of the natural world and appreciates the gifts from Mother Earth.


Heather’s current offerings include Custom Jewelry Design, Online Crystal Store, Private Yoga Classes, Weekly Zoom Class, Yoga at Lovelock, and Events.