Online Yoga Offering

Next Class: Wednesday September 27th 11a CST (9a PST , 10a MST , 12p EST)


Donations accepted via Venmo: heather-thomas-139


Sept 27th - Grounding
Suggested Crystal : Smokey Quartz
Suggested Oil : Lavender


Join Heather for a donation-based weekly yoga class. Times and days will vary.

Useful props (not required):

- Yoga mat

- 2-3 blocks

- Yoga Bolster 

- Blanket

- I invite you to set an intention for your yoga practice. 


This time will be devoted to nourishing ourselves and inviting deep relaxation. Some recommendations for bringing tranquility : 

- Use your favorite essential oil before your practice. 

- Bring your favorite crystal

- Use an eye pillow during Savasana (Corpse Pose). This is the time we spend in stillness at the end of class. Integrating the work. This time is important - you deserve it!